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 Elite pillaging

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The Kraken

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PostSubject: Elite pillaging   Elite pillaging Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2007 7:56 am

I always hated the word elite. Lots of green and unexperienced bnavvers use it to attract good people. But it's not really elite if it's not fun. The booty might be crap, the sails might be broken, but nothing can outweight the good old-fashioned fun! Twisted Evil


Blackeye issued an order to set the vessel to sail.
Blackeye says, "how much longer can you all go?"
Maralita says, "however long BE"
Mischievious says, "all night "
Dumdiddly abandoned a duty station.
Blackeye says, "I'm jjust trolling between Dendrite and Typhoon, there's no real end until I'm bored"
Mischievious laughs that sounded bad
Macgreggor says, "Your girlfriend said I was good to go all night"
Blackeye says, "your wrists say otherwise"
Mischievious laughs
Dumdiddly laughs heartily
Blackeye issued an order to set the vessel to sail.
Maralita laughs uncontrollably
Mischievious says, "o.O"
Mischievious says, "BE ure wrong"


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PostSubject: Re: Elite pillaging   Elite pillaging Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2007 6:03 am

define elite...
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Elite pillaging
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