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 Secret Santa

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The Kraken

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PostSubject: Secret Santa   Secret Santa Icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2016 1:16 am

I know it's a bit of a long shot, but who would like to do secret Santa on PP?

Sure, sure it's forever away and oh how dare I (but to be honest, only 13 Fridays to go?).  The reason I thought I'd bring it up now is because you guys are just getting back into it (if at all?) I'm sure no one's loaded with PoE and the extra time doesn't sound too bad.

Ok so... Participants write their names down in this thread and then I was thinking of writing everyone's names on trinkets and wrapping them in an identically coloured wrap (so that even the person who wrapped it wouldn't know who's name is in what wrap). Then the wraps would be placed in a house and people would choose who'd they buy the Christmas gift for. Also if you got the present and didn't want it discovered or turned into dust while sitting in inventory, it could be placed on the Merry Christmas Fish vessel until the actual gift giving. We could also set a cap on the present price (i.e. 20,000 PoE and 20 dubs, but would need a popular consensus)

Sooo .... let me know what you think, the more the merrier!

P.s. I also don't know what could be done if, say, a person chose their own name
P.p.s. After writing this I also had an interesting thought of maybe a symbolic participation fee/donation which would be placed in the coffers for our crew house furnishing since it's looking rather sad and empty
P.p.p.s. in the event that either Tev or Mini win all the gold in the ocean playing poker, Christmas is on them! Laughing


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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa   Secret Santa Icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2016 3:19 pm

Hah, I'm certainly up for Secret Santa and 20k poe sounds like a reasonable cap on price.

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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa   Secret Santa Icon_minitimeFri Sep 30, 2016 2:04 pm

I love the idea and think it could be really fun, I personally would be against any form of cap on what to spend, simply as you then always maybe have the odd few who would love to maybe go a bit further, as all of our wealth is very different I firmly believe there shouldn't be guilt at what anyone gets whoever. You give because you can and would be nice for some of the maybe not so wealthy members to potentially get a nice gift?

I do understand the drawbacks, maybe some feeling they spent x so other should have spent, but if we all go into it understanding that you spend what you choose to spend, then no one should harbour any feelings of resentment?

An example would be some of us maybe win a familiar in greedy brigands or smh or such, the value is astronomical but it cost us nothing so is that exploit? I just think we should be allowed to harbour our energies into thinking of the best gift possible within our means, rather than being boxed in?

But if the majority goes with a cap, I'm still down as I really like the idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Secret Santa   Secret Santa Icon_minitime

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Secret Santa
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