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PostSubject: Rankings   Rankings Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2007 11:44 pm

Note: Remember, written promotion requirements are more actual guidelines. You'll get the promotion only if higher-ranked ones will see ye fit for it. Don't snooze!

Promotion requirements

1. Cabin Person to Pirate - The standing in the Gunnery puzzle must be Respected (ye may do it with the navy. Ye whisk with a mission and then cancel it, then ye may practice Gunnery). Also a Pirate always must ask a permission to gun (ye may not gun whenever you want to onboard). A Pirate badge is necessary.

2. Pirate to Officer - The Bilging, Sailing, Gunnery and Carpentry puzzle standings must not be lower Master (this includes Battle Navigation). An Officer Training and an Officer badge are necessary.

3. Officer to Fleet Officer - Don't ask for this position. The Captain will promote you if he thinks ye're worth it. A crew membership of a month is required. The Officer must be active and pillage quite a lot. Preferably to have a boat.

4. Fleet Officer to Senior Officer - Don't ask for this position. If you're worth it, you'll be promoted for your great services to the crew in time by the Captain only.

We got only one Captain - Tevez. If ye want to be one, ye may as well create a crew of yer own. If the Captain resigns from his position temporarily, his First Mate will take over till the Captain gets back.

The First Mate is chosen by the Captain, so ye may as well do some booty kissing (Just joking).

Special titles are earned by yer abilities, sense of humor and the opinion of others.

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