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 Crew rules

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PostSubject: Crew rules   Crew rules Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2007 11:30 pm

Ellow poppets o.O

If ye be or wanna be in this fine crew, ye must follow the rules or you'll walk the plank, savvy?

1. Respect others and ye'll be respected (don't insult or harass other crew/flag members).
2. Don't leave a boat in battle without permission. Not only it's a disrespect to an Officer In Charge (OIC), but also a show of yer ignorance.
3. Ye must follow the orders of the higher-ranked ones. Trust me, sometimes they know better.
4. Don't beg for money, furniture, clothing, boats, promotions etc, because it's bloody annoying.
5. Always ask for a Permission To Board (PTB) unless the OIC says no PTB is needed.
6. Try not to spam the crew or vessel chats. It's hard to understand a thing sometimes.
7. Have fun.

If ye disobey any rules above ye might face demotion, an expel or a plank in the bum...


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Crew rules
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